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Fashion photographer Vishal Saxena pushes the creative boundaries of photography to create portraits that capture a moment in time or narrate a story within a designer’s lookbook, fashion campaign or film poster. The Mumbai-based photographer who transformed his childhood passion for photography into a prolific career with projects such as print campaigns for IPL Pune Warriors, RajniGandha, Mahindra and Mahindra, DigJam, Starwood Hotels and India Tourism shares some details about his passion and career.

” My love for photography isn’t something that just developed in one day. I had a creative mind since childhood; I used to paint landscapes, faces, etc and was real fascinated with Hollywood films. After completing formal education, I was clear photography. was my calling. I had been honing my skills as an amateur whenever I had time since the past ten years and I was in love with it! I am truly lucky that it’s almost as though photography is an inbuilt skill was born with; I’ve always been a keen observer and developed an inclination towards photography over the years. Even today I don’t use a light meter and yet results are accurate! “

Always Searching For The Shot

Fashion is a very strong form of art. There is always a story behind every garment, the colors a designer uses, the cuts, the textiles have history and the complete collection contains the designer’s vision. To show his or her vision to the world and adding value to it gives me a high. I see beyond the garments and that’s what make me inclined towards fashion photography. It is not easy as it seems! In Fashion, each shoot needs to have a fresh concept or styling to represent the designer’s collection or a product to the world.. through my images.

Landscapes 88
Wildlife 93
Business 98
Lifestyle 84

Other than Fashion, I have also shot film posters. It was not intentional; I was requested to do a poster for ‘Kurbaan’ which got accolades following which I did posters for Ram Gopal Verma’s films. Shortly, ‘Pune Warriors’ campaign happened and there was no looking back. My photography style is unique. In painting, portrait art is a mirror of the subject. Here, I look at the subject with a third eye and present an adulterated version. This is why I do a lot of experimental shoots where you will find my vision and personality in the photographs. That said, a lot also depends on the brand I’m shooting. If it’s designers, they would have a theme in mind.. they would have a story to narrate.. and I become a part of it. if it’s a commercial brand, I stick to the brand history. Ultimately good fashion photographers must have a soul in the body of work. They must be willing to go that extra mile, take a leap of faith and experiment!

On the technical front, they must be knowledgeable about light, have a good sensibility of colors and adapt to any situation. Of course, our tool is the camera and I simply love Hasselblad; it’s a full-frame camera and its pixel quality is amazing! I love Canon as well as it has good depth and sharpness. You know, this may sound crazy but I’m old school when it comes to post-production!! My editing is done on set, on location! I use editing with a minimal approach! You can’t put soul in your work once you are done shooting — that’s not honest! Which is why the biggest challenge for me as a photographer is my struggle as an artist. That said, I know it’s to early to make a declaration but completely putting my camera aside some time in the distant future is never going to happen. I would still need my camera in heaven and request God, “say cheese!’’